Development, support and delivery of balanced, collaborative, engaging and sustainable airport noise management strategies that go beyond reducing noise levels.

Airports play an essential role in our society, enabling us to enrich our lives – connecting people and places across the globe for business and pleasure. They are economically essential but there are impacts.

The aviation industry has spent significant sums of money reducing noise from aircraft operations. Yet noise remains the most significant environmental concern to those local to airports and is a significant constraint on development and operations.

Less than thirty percent of annoyance response is driven by noise-related factors. Effective noise management goes beyond decibel reduction – it’s about balance, context, communication, engagement and understanding the needs of all those affected.

Anderson Acoustics provides noise management services for over a quarter of the UK's air passenger traffic. based on CAA published data

How we do it

From small airports to major international hubs, we help our clients achieve their vision. We do more than impact assessment. We develop balanced noise management strategies that fit with your context and address noise reduction and non-acoustic factors.

Noise strategy and management

We develop an understanding of your needs and vision based on understanding your context (airport operations, airspace management and flight operations), the needs of your local community and the relevant policy framework.

Accurate measurement

We use accurate noise modelling, noise measurement and GIS technologies to enable us to understand exposure and impacts at a community level over a wide area.

Expert analysis

We undertake analysis of available data (e.g. noise, operations, complaints, tracks) in such a way as to enable a conversation so that all stakeholders and community can engage.

SonicRoom auralisation

Sound demonstrations of aircraft noise are a valuable tool to enable stakeholders to listen to, and therefore understand, proposals before they are built. We have the capability to obtain recordings, as well as measurements, to enable people to "hear" proposals using our SonicRoom.

Data insights

We have the tools, the expertise and the time to undertake a deep analysis of the data you hold, to understand the current situation, provide insights and develop future strategies.

Stakeholder engagement

Responsible and transparent dialogue and consultation is a critical part of effective noise management. We provide a range of services to help engage with stakeholders, tailoring our approach to the particular audience and consultation objectives.

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Why Use Us?

We understand the business of airport noise management, strategy and its sustainability context. We have a proven track record delivering and supporting best practice noise management at some of the busiest airports in the world. Here are some of the ways that we can help in this sector. If you've got a project in mind, call us on the number below or you can send us a message .

Tailored approach

We are able to apply a standard balanced approach or innovative concepts to strategy development and implementation, assessment and analysis, communications, operational delivery and systems management.

Excellent reputation

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients' needs and have worked hard to develop a proven reputation for delivering friendly, collaborative and technically robust consultancy services which add value and insight.

Significant experience

We provide noise management services for over a quarter of the UK's air passenger traffic, based on CAA published data. Our team has the expertise to work with you to develop the right approach to reducing the impacts of noise.

Future sustainability

We understand the sustainability context in which you operate. We can fulfil and support all the roles in the airport noise management value chain, depending on your needs, that support your future sustainable airport vision.

Policy and strategy experts

We are experts in the business of sustainable noise management strategy and we understand the national, European and international policy context.

Knowledge leadership

We place significant value on knowledge leadership and developing research - we understand the interactions associated with this complex sector. We are constantly investing in and reviewing research to ensure we are providing an up-to-date evidence based approach.

What we've done

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