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Using sound as a positive component in the promotion of happiness and wellbeing, in Placemaking and the design of sustainable and liveable cities.

In the same way that a landscape comprises the visual features of a location, a soundscape encompasses the acoustic features that give identity and a sense of place. In order to develop sustainably and protect our quality of life, we need to include sound as a component of design, not just reduce noise through mitigation.

Acoustic quality is key in creating productive workplaces, learning environments and healthcare facilities – as well as ensuring comfort at home. We are currently working with Quiet Mark and others on a number of sound quality projects.

Sound has a direct relationship to how we feel, yet is often one of the last things considered in the design and development of the spaces we visit, use and inhabit. Grant Waters, Sound Quality lead, Anderson Acoustics

How we do it

We support architects, urban planners and policy makers to inform and shape design decisions, creating solutions that improve and enhance the sound of our ever evolving cities.


Using our SonicRoom and advanced acoustic modelling tools, we can create a listening experience (auralisation) to demonstrate the sound of a space or environment before it has been built. Find out more on our SonicRoom page.

Acoustic Quality

Acoustic quality is key to achieving excellent soundscapes; for productive workplaces, ensuring our children are being educated in effective learning environments and giving patients the best chance of recovery in hospital. We can work with you to ensure that sound quality is an integral part of your design.


As part of the broader Placemaking design approach, we employ Soundscape design to help capitalise on local community assets, maximising the positive sounds in a space and hopefully increasing the opportunities to promote health and wellbeing.

Why Use Us?

Here are some of the ways that we can help in this sector. If you've got a project in mind, our contact details are below or you can send us a message .

Innovative approach

We understand the importance of innovation in acoustic technology, including providing the ability to "test drive" sound experiences using our SonicRoom auralisation.

Extensive experience

Collaboration across multiple disciplines is the best way forward to integrate soundscapes into the holistic Placemaking design approach. Our consultants are experts across different sectors with a wide network of contacts, working together where appropriate to bring our collective experience to your project.

Community engagement

Engagement with and understanding of local communities and non-acoustic issues that affect them is essential to make a real positive contribution. We have experience of working directly with communities to understand their expectations, to help design great sounding spaces to meet their needs.


Beyond working with you to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and regulations, we can provide specialist advice on sustainable acoustic solutions, from the type of product used to more general acoustic design to promote wellbeing through better sounding spaces.

What we've done

We'd love to hear from you

How can we add value to your project? Is there something we can help you with?

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