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The acoustic design of a room has a huge impact on people’s listening experience, understanding, learning, orientation and comfort. Many specialist rooms, such as learning spaces, music studios and conference facilities, require careful control of the internal behaviour of both amplified and unamplified sound.

Whether you need advice at the design stage of your project, or require retrospective solutions to existing spaces, we help you create a space acoustically fit for purpose and within budget.

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“During the project development and construction phase Anderson Acoustics has provided a high level of expertise in optimising the acoustics of the theatre based on their extensive experience. The collaboration was smooth, and their support was always clear and on time.” – Ewe Bara, Director, ROMA Theatre

How we do it


We work collaboratively with you to understand your vision and the purpose(s) of the proposed space to establish detailed acoustic performance criteria matched to the needs of the users.


We review drawings and building information to determine if there are any distinct characteristics that may influence the acoustics. For existing spaces, we measure room acoustic parameters and survey existing finishes and other details.


We compare measured and predicted acoustic conditions with target criteria and identify the extent, location and type of acoustic treatment required to achieve clarity, definition, warmth and intelligibility. The tools we use will be dependent on the complexity of the space and budget, from calculative assessment to detailed 3D acoustic modelling.


We provide a technical report detailing our proposed design or solution. This can include various options for you to choose from. Each option provides different levels of performance, giving you the freedom to balance project costs and other design constraints with acoustic performance.

Auralisation Demo

Once the report has been issued, we’ll invite you to experience a sound simulation in our SonicRoomTM to provide a real-world understanding of your design options.


Prior to completion we can conduct independent testing and commissioning surveys to confirm compliance with contract requirements.

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Why Use Us?

Intelligent solutions

Whether you are at the design stage or require a retrospective acoustic solution for an existing space, we provide appropriate and intelligent acoustic advice - balancing cost, functional and aesthetic requirements to deliver great sounding, fit for purpose rooms.

Expert advice for your project

We have specialist consultants with a deep understanding of open space planning, design of rooms for speech and for music, and studio spaces.


Better sounding rooms create a more enjoyable and engaging experience. Whether the room is intended for speech, music or multiple use, good acoustic design is at the heart of a successful project.

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