Our SonicRoom™ uses advanced 3D acoustic modelling and recording techniques to create an accurate sound simulation – known as auralisation – most commonly at the design stage of a project. This enables our clients to listen to the sound of a planned space or environment before it exists in reality.

SonicRoom™ has applications across all sectors, but is particularly useful for architectural acoustic design advice, infrastructure projects, urban soundscape design and sound demonstrations for stakeholder engagement.

The SonicRoom™ enables the client and design team to listen to the various acoustic design options that are available to them and has been an invaluable tool in helping to make important design decisions in projects both large and small. Grant Waters, Soundscapes Lead, Anderson Acoustics

How we do it

Listen at the design stage

SonicRoom™ allows you to listen to the acoustics of a building or space at the design stage, allowing for upfront adjustment where needed.

3D sound

Our carefully controlled SonicRoom™ space uses acoustic modelling and ambisonic technology to replicate a 3D soundscape.

Attention to detail

Based on your design options, we produce an accurate and authentic render of the sound environment, as if you were in the space itself.

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Why Use Us?

We would love to talk you through this process of acoustic modelling and see whether we can help. Download our PDF brochure or get in touch to arrange a free SonicRoom™ demonstration.

Building design

Hear the sound of a space according to its internal finishes, separating partitions or facade construction. Optimise buildings to improve their sound quality, controlling sound from interior and external sources. Choose the best possible design solution on the grounds that they look and sound great.

Stakeholder engagement

Engaging stakeholders and local communities in large infrastructure and building projects can promote better understanding and build trust between all parties where noise raises concerns.
Our mobile SonicRoom™ services can be provided directly to your stakeholders, so they can hear the impact of mitigation themselves.

Urban & public space design

Hearing is the first sense we develop and it defines our perception of the environment around us. SonicRoom™ is a tool for demonstrating the value of positive sound in the promotion of health and wellbeing, in Placemaking and the design of sustainable and liveable cities.

Infrastructure projects

Hear the effect of noise attenuation, acoustic barriers on roads or how intelligent planning can
allow residential, mixed-use and light industrial development to co-exist. Experience the sound of different aircraft and their impact at varying heights and locations.

Value for money

An initial SonicRoom™ assessment and proof of concept is free for all client projects. Choose Anderson Acoustics and hear your designs before they are built.

Innovative approach

We understand the importance of innovation in acoustic technology, particularly the ability to 'test drive' sound experiences using the latest technology. We believe that sound should be actively included in the design stages of a project, ultimately producing more pleasant sounding spaces that enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

Extensive experience

Our consultants are experts across different sectors with a wide network of contacts, working together where appropriate to bring our collective experience to your project. We work with you to tailor SonicRoom™ to your needs and when we're on board, you have the benefit of our combined knowledge throughout the process.

What we've done

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