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Collaborative and technical expertise to assess and develop mitigation for successful road, rail or airport infrastructure projects.

Noise is a major environmental factor which needs to be considered when assessing the feasibility of new or modified infrastructure schemes. Construction and operational impacts can greatly affect the daily lives of communities surrounding the site.

We have the experience to assess and manage any noise impacts that might arise in all stages of implementation and long-term running of the project. By suggesting mitigation measures and directly interacting with those affected we can help to avoid any adverse effects of noise on residents and local businesses.

The quality of work produced for us is always of a high standard and they provide valuable and consistent technical support to the site team. Steve Lowder, Project Manager, BAM Nuttall Kier JV

How we do it

We work with you throughout the lifecycle of a project – from helping to identify preferred options at the initial planning and design stages through to mitigation design for the final scheme solution and management of impacts during construction. We have experience assessing and supporting some of the UK’s largest and most high-profile schemes, including Crossrail, Thameslink and Heathrow Airport.


Using our SonicRoom and advanced acoustic modelling tools, we can create a listening experience (auralisation) for our clients to demonstrate the sound of a space or environment before it has been built.

Environmental assessment

We will work with you, local planning and other regulatory bodies as appropriate to ensure a robust assessment is conducted in order to secure planning permission. Throughout the process we will work to discharge acoustic conditions as they may arise. See our Environmental Assessment page for more details.

Planning and approvals

We have a comprehensive understanding of the planning and regulatory framework, and through many years of experience have developed effective relationships with numerous local authorities. See our Planning page for more details.

Stakeholder engagement and consultation

We work with you to create an effective plan for consulting and engaging directly with your stakeholders, as well as local communities where they may be affected by your project. We have experience in delivering workshops, building community relations and providing community-level information and education.


We apply our considerable skill and experience to establish and present expert noise evidence. All of our consultants are members of the Institute of Acoustics and as a consultancy, we are members of the Association of Noise Consultants.

Why Use Us?

We believe that a partnership and collaborative approach, working with a broad range of stakeholders including developers, contractors and local authorities, is the key to ensuring successful infrastructure projects, whether road, rail or air. We have experience assessing and supporting some of the UK’s largest and most high-profile schemes, including Crossrail, Thameslink and Heathrow Airport. If you've got a project in mind, our contact details are below or you can send a message to the team directly using our contact form .

Baseline Noise monitoring

We can monitor the noise climate in areas potentially affected by a new scheme or establish the noise impact of existing infrastructure.

Design advice

We can advise on route options and conduct feasibility studies at the initial design stage in accordance with appropriate standards, including the Department for Transport’s WebTAG.


We can predict rail traffic levels in line with CRN/CRTN/DMRB etc. using computer modelling techniques including production of noise contour maps using computer modelling techniques and application of GIS.

Regulatory advice

We can assess eligibility under the Noise Insulation Regulations and the risk of compensation under the Land Compensation Act.

Mitigation advice

We can analyse and recommend noise barriers and other measures to minimise noise impacts.


We can produce stand-alone reports or provide input into environmental statements.


We can provide monitoring and site audits during the construction phase to meet the requirements of any relevant criteria.

What we've done

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