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Acoustic Design for Great Western Studios


Great Western Studios provide an inspirational work environment where creative individuals and small businesses can meet, network and grow.

Melford Capital (a value-orientated investor in UK real estate) working with Great Western Studios contacted Anderson Acoustics to provide acoustic design advice for the construction of two additional floors to the Studios with new workspaces for its occupants. The new workspaces would feature glass frontages with glazed doors creating an aesthetically pleasing, functional, open and free flowing environment.


From an acoustic perspective, the key challenges of this project were:

• The new floors elevated above the A40 motorway exposing occupants to increased disturbance from traffic noise.

• Sound transfer to workspaces from a central atrium, used for dining and collaborative working.

Careful acoustic design was required to ensure that occupants of the new offices would not be negatively impacted by these elements, resulting in diminished ability to communicate or concentrate causing a loss in productivity.

What we did

To anticipate and solve these challenges Anderson Acoustics visited the site to measure the level of noise created by the adjacent A40 motorway and the central atrium. The captured data allowed us to provide the design team with various mitigation options to ensure the finished workspaces were fit-for-purpose.

To help guide the design process and demonstrate the benefits of our recommendations we created a sound simulation in our SonicRoom™ and invited the client, project managers and lead contractors to come and hear what the various acoustic options would sound like.

The SonicRoom™ experience helped the design team and particularly the client, decide what materials and design options would be best suited while keeping within budget.

The Result

The project went ahead, with the two new floors offering workspaces for occupants which both looked, and sound amazing providing the ideal environment for businesses to grow.

Mark Ratazzi, Principal Project Manager Melford Capital commented…

“With the vertical extension of Great Western Studio taking the building above The A40 Westway combined with the opening internally to a lively atrium space, it was evident there was going to be significant acoustic challenges.
We were advised in detail throughout, but the SonicRoom allowed us to listen to how each design option would sound and find a solution that balanced both cost and acoustic quality. We have received nothing but positive feedback from perspective studio holders, occupiers and visitors on the quality of the acoustics within the new studios”.

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