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Are your restaurant's acoustics losing you customers?

According to new figures released by the national charity Action on Hearing Loss, diners are increasingly opting for takeaways instead of eating in restaurants, due to the high levels of noise encountered when eating out.

At their busiest, some restaurants are said to be exceeding 90 dBA – the acoustic equivalent of eating next to a motorbike or lawnmower. The charity is urging members of the public to take decibel readings using a free app, as part of its Speakeasy campaign. Action for Hearing Loss is also asking consumers to contact restaurants directly with their findings or leave reviews on the restaurants’ websites.

There are said to be over 11 million people in the UK with some degree of hearing loss. Unless restaurants begin to consider acoustics when designing their premises, or improve their current settings, potential customers are likely to spend their money elsewhere.

Anderson Acoustics offers advice and support to both retrofit and design from scratch atmospheric restaurants which are good for conversations and good for business. In terms of ambience – not too noisy, not too sterile, but just right.

The online survey of 1,200 people said 79{878fdbac08a6df9675654c0e424e75f287270ad654cf0defedd81a96503272be} of diners would leave early if restaurant background noise was excessive. That’s millions of diners missing out on dessert, coffee and extra drinks, with restaurants potentially losing thousands in revenue.

For more information on the survey, to find decibel apps and to hear sound simulations of a restaurant before and after acoustic treatment, visit the Action on Hearing Loss website:


To learn more about how Anderson Acoustics can help you to improve restaurant or cafe acoustics, do get in touch.

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